Privacy Policy


We appreciate that privacy is a major concern for most people, especially as digital and real world services become increasingly connected. We appreciate the trust you place in us by giving us your information.

Because we understand that most people can’t be bothered to read, or would struggle to understand a comprehensive legal document like our Privacy Policy, we’ve summarised the most important points below. However please note that the actual Privacy Policy that you are agreeing to is not this summary, but the full document below entitled “InTown Privacy Policy”

Our philosophy to collecting, storing and sharing your data can be expressed (in simple terms) by the following statement:

Only collect what data is needed, and never share it unless necessary.

When you use InTown you consent to provide us with certain information that we consider necessary to provide you with our services.

We commit to never sharing with third parties, the data belonging to you or your contacts, in a way that is personally identifiable, without your consent.

If you need to contact us for any privacy related matters, please write to us at

At a glance, here is what data we collect on you and how we use it

Your Name, profile picture & City you live in: We collect this information when you log into InTown with your Facebook account. We use this information to display to your friends when you are in the same place as them. We also need to know which city you live in so we only notify you about friends from out of town.

Your Phone number: We ask for and verify your phone number for two reasons. The first is we need your phone number so we can match you with the people who have your phone number saved in their contacts. The second is as a protection against spam/fraud accounts.

Your Phone Contacts: We collect this information from your phone so we know who your friends are, and can let you know who is in the same area as you.

Your Live GPS Location: We collect the GPS location of your phone at periodic intervals and use this to lookup the city you are currently in, so that we can find your friends in the same area, as well as know when to notify your friends when you are visiting their city. We do not store historical data of your movement. Your current GPS location will always overwrite the previous data if there is any change.

Analytics Metrics: We only collect this information in an anonymised form and store it in grouped form. Analytics Metrics refers to tracking information such as how often you use the app, how many people are opening our app at any time, how often the app crashes, and other such information on how InTown users are using the app. We use Facebook analytics to help us improve our app and understand what our users want. Therefore, this analytics information will be stored and processed by Facebook in line with their Privacy Policy.

Who we share your data with

When you use InTown, you consent to us sharing your name, profile picture and the city you’re currently in with your phone contacts who are also InTown members.
This will only be shared with them via the InTown app for the purposes of allowing InTown members to find their contacts who are in the same area as them.

We also use Facebook Analytics for tracking application performance and understanding how our users are using InTown. These analytics metrics are stored and processed by Facebook in line with their privacy policy.

Additionally, as part of the Apple App Store & Google Play Store, both Apple & Google provide us with some basic metrics on the app such as how many people installed the app and the number of crashes experienced, and other such technical information.

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